eat the cake!

You know the tradition of preserving your wedding cake and eating it a year later? Well, folks believe it’s suppose to be an omen for good luck as well as giving the couple a moment to relive their biggest day …after each indulging bite!

With that being said, as some of you know – we crossed our 1 year anniversary on May 12! The funny thing is, we forgot to thaw our wedding cake before the time of our anniversary (*flushed eyes*), haha. Anywho, I removed the cake from the freezer and placed it into the refrigerator last week (guilty! I kept on forgetting).

Nevertheless, the cake was fully thawed a day ago (technically 13 months after our wedding). So, the three of us sat down and decided to take a bite of the cake at the same time (*intense music) so we could monitor our reactions across the dining room table, haha!

Good news! The chocolate ganache cake was still as moist and delicious (*drool face*). It definitely made us relive our wedding day!

NOTE: I highly recommend to wrap your cake in two layers of a clear plastic food wrap first then again wrap the cake with two layers of foil. This helps to retain the moisture and preserve the cake in it’s original state. 


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