interior decorating

I remember when I was younger, I would always envision a different type of design space. I wanted to artistically decorate spaces with unique and eclectic pieces that would define my personality.

Over the years, I’ve grown from different styles and designs but the golds, florals, and candles never really left my side 🙂

I love redecorating! I move things around often – I bring out some things that I stored away, I even mix and match pieces to give it a whole new perspective!

For example, the focal point of my living room is the coffee table (or in this case, the trunk table). Since I don’t really have much decor on the side tables besides a lamp, I use the coffee table as the main area for decor. There’s many uses for a coffee table – such as
1️⃣ serving and or setting drinks and snacks on
2️⃣ displaying decor
3️⃣ using as a foot rest

Here is how the living room looks right now –

Screen Shot 2019-11-11 at 8.51.18 PM.png

Lanterns, candles, flower vases, hydrangeas, pillar candles, and even an elephant!

The next focal point is the kitchen island. Again, while leaving everything else (the kitchen counters) pretty simple. This makes one area the focal point and really allows me to express the personality of the space while adding in bits and pieces of my own personality (#wine) to it as well

I set up this space in 4 different ways and had my IG followers pick their favorite design.

Take a look –

#1 – I call this the bones of the set up. This encompasses the main decor that you want to have in this space. This can also be left alone or you can add more pieces to it for character and texture (see other options below)



#2 – Bones with an atrium (with a tea candle)



#3 – Bones plus a photo in a fancy frame (keeping the texture theme going)

Screen Shot 2019-11-11 at 8.55.41 PM.png

#4  – The whole package and the winner! The atrium (with a tea candle) plus fancy photo frame!


Here’s some helpful tips the next time you’re decorating a space!

1️⃣ Add and remove pieces accordingly – trust the inner designer within you

2️⃣ Set things at an angle and or bring pieces forward or backwards

3️⃣ Add in more texture -flower vase, picture frames, textured bottle

4️⃣ Include candles – always a must

5️⃣ Don’t forget the florals


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