modern suburban – meets french country living room (facelift)

Our leather sofa and arm chairs took a beating throughout the years – gotta love our kitty paws (including his nails, right?)😽🐾


I wanted to give our sofa’s a facelift and so I started researching the different types of sofa covers on the market. Considering our animals shed (a lot), getting a darker fabric (that would allow the pet hairs to cling to the fabric or be even more transparent) was totally out of the picture. I also didn’t like the printed designs because it would limit my design capabilities in that room OR how the lighter toned panels would look against the dark leather.


So, I decided to get my creative juices flowing and started planning how I wanted to approach this project – while still envisioning the end results in parallel 🤞🏼. I kept my focus on full sofa covers that would be easy to setup with minimal upkeep. The thought of having full covers that I can wash (and sanitize) whenever I wanted was definitely reassuring – considering our furry coated animals lounge around everywhere on the sofas 🤦🏻‍♀️ I looked online and studied different types of covers, reviews, comments, ratings, and (most importantly) those that were easiest to install (did I mention this already? 😬)

I fortunately found SureFit and they had thee best options and style! Definitely what I was looking for #FrenchCountryRusticChic

Our full #surefit heavy weight covers for the sofa and chairs look amazing – pardon the wrinkles (😽 still “ironing out the details” -literally, haha).

8A25A534-3AB8-45EA-AD1F-639CB1D9DD7C 2.JPG

The #cover material is extremely beautiful, durable, lays flat, and is easy to adjust. Our sofa and chairs were a bit smaller so I had to fold and tuck a few times 😙. I also purchased #slipcover grip from #amazon (highly recommended) to help keep the covers in place. Don’t stress if they bunch a little when you sit down. The look should be somewhat #shabby and #chic 💃🏻

Here’s a quick before and after –


IMG_9184 2.jpg


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